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At Enriching Minds we believe in educating the whole child by offering a myriad of learn-by-play activities. We instill perseverance and self worth, which empowers our students to become life-long learners. When introducing a second language in an early childhood environment the child is the benefactor of an ample amount of studies that prove to elevate your child's development with improved capacity for abstract thinking, enhanced problem solving capabilities and so much more! There is also a Technology literacy aspect to our program, a skill that is so easily overlooked during the early learning years. By adding a dash of technology we are laying down the foundations of your child's future where technology is prudent towards their success. We incorporate all the best teachings from Montessori, Reggio and Waldorf curriculum with a healthy dose of Spanish. These programs are centered around a nature-based play learning style that is mostly child-directed with guidance from the teacher. Each week will bring about new themes for us to explore but the mind of the child is infinite and with it brings new lessons that are unplanned and completely welcomed. Together we aim to provide an environment that is fun, messy and nurturing to all of your child's needs, ensuring the success of the child in our ever changing world.



Neuroscience research has shown that studying a second language increases brain density and cognitive skills. These cognitive benefits lead to improved working memory and increased attention, as well as a boost to problem-solving abilities for students. These are skills that are not only useful for learning a second language – they are essential to a student’s education as a whole, as well as their future careers. Learning a new language is about far more than just acquiring new vocabulary; it gives students a better understanding of a new culture. They will learn about everything from societal norms to history and local cuisine along the way.
Language allows us to understand each other in everyday interactions but also gives us insights about the culture of a country and its people. Having to mentally juggle more than one language is a challenging activity but one that brings plenty of rewards later in life.



When it comes to child centered learning your child is the focus. New lessons and activities all stem from their day to day curiosities and discoveries. We always have a plan but our plans are not what takes precedent, everyday can bring about new and exciting ways to learn. Here at Enriching Minds we allow your child to have a choice when it comes to their education, giving them a sense of identity and confidence that will follow them for a lifetime.



The National Association of Young Children states that Technology offers the child another outlet for creativity and education, having a positive affect on your child's learning. With activities like dragging a red colored crayon to an apple to fill it in, the child  becomes engaged and sparks the cognitive side of the brain. We are in a world where technology is constantly evolving so instead of stigmatizing all screen time as bad, we choose to know what's meaningful and constructive for the child so that they may be prepared for the world around them.

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