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Hola! Welcome to the Enriching Minds website. I am an Early childhood educator born and raised in Sacramento. I have always been in love with learning how to develop children since my college years. I find myself hungry for more knowledge and my curiosity about child development is constantly growing. While working in preschool I found there were many areas that were lacking. The need to enroll vs. the need for quality was imbalanced and this affected the children and staff immensely. I wanted to provide all the pieces that were missing so I developed my own program.

 I wanted to focus on smaller groups because the smaller the group, the better quality of learning. Secondly, I added a Spanish immersion element to our curriculum because the research behind it showed significant improvements in the development of a child. I also added a dash of technology literacy, to prepare our kids for the world of tomorrow. Lastly, but certainly not the least, is using the learn by play method to tie it all together, because "not by force shall the children learn, but through play" and I agree 100% with Plato on that!  

My goal is to not only provide a loving and nurturing environment for your child to learn in, but to prepare them for a world that is constantly evolving, ensuring that their love for education surpasses the school years.

When choosing my program you are choosing to elevate your child on every level possible, from learning their ABC's, to physical & emotional development. We focus on the WHOLE CHILD, a responsibility that I hold dearly and take very seriously.

Our Team: Our Team
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