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 Where food is a lens for culture

Here at Enriching minds we are aware that food is our body's main source of energy and so we believe in serving only the best. We are happy to serve home cooked meals that provide the best nutrients for your child. Our goal is to spark curiosity and excitement when it comes to food. Your child will enjoy an assortment of food from all sorts of cultures, foods most children will not experience until adulthood. We hope that at the dinner table your child can talk about how they had a Tzatziki falafel for lunch or that we made crème brulee for snack. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always on the menu here at Enriching Minds but our main goal is to expose your child to a world of food that they've never experienced, expanding both their palates and their minds.

       *Our meals are always served in a family style way where we learn to pour, pass and say POR FAVOR.

Food program: Welcome
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